Doggy Daycare 10 Plus

Doggy Daycare 10 Plus

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Looking for a wonderful way to give your pup the chance to play and be with friends? Is your dog destroying your house while you are away?  Don't feel comfortable asking friends or family to stay with your dog during the day? 

Doggy Daycare is a great alternative.  Behavioural assessments are completed on the first day to match your friend with like minded pups.  Doggy Daycare is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.  This selection is for clients wishing to drop off before 8:30 am or pick up after 5:00 pm 

Please send us an email to with details of your requested time. 

All standard vaccines plus bordetella are required for daycare.  Special considerations will be made for dogs intact past the age of maturity.  For their own safety dogs in heat cannot go into group play

If this is your first doggy daycare day, please send an email to to setup your account and select your first daycare day.  

Enjoy this wonderful Discount on Doggy Daycare.   A great way to social your furry canine friend or to keep them safe during the day.  A flat rate of $370.00 gets you 10 Full day doggy daycare passes.  This package has no expiry. Wow!! What a great deal.  

Please note that doggy daycare passes cannot be used for overnight boarding