Puppy Dog Tails


Our Suites:
All of our spacious puppy dog suites are climate controlled to provide your pup with a relaxing home environment. Our suites are private as well. We believe that when pups are surrounded by nicely decorated and comfortable environments they are more relaxed and therefore are less stressed when being away from home. 

Each pup has their own private access to an outside play area and also access to group play each day in our fully fenced play yard. (please note that pups must pass our consultation assessment in order to receive access to group play. please also note all pups accessing our group play area must be either spayed or neutered if over 3 months of age).

Music is played 24 hours per day throughout the resort and every pup has their own options for personalized television through Netflix. Each suite is cleaned every day with pet safe cleaning products to provide a happy vacation experience.

Our Beds:
We don't believe that your dogs should sleep on the floor, they are part of the family after all. So, here at Tails in Trails Pet Resort we offer Kuranda Dog beds. These beds are two to three inches off the ground and fits a nice pillow or blankey perfectly. The fact that these beds are chew proof and easy to sanitize means that your pup will be safe while being comfortable on vacation.

These beds are also available for purchase here at Tails in Trails Pet Resort.

Peace and Tranquility:
Most boarding facilities you go to tend to have 100's of dogs staying in one place which makes for a stressful stay. Here at Tails in Trails Pet Resort we only have space for 40 dogs. Plus we have our resort setup in three separate wings, so if someone gets excited and starts to bark... the rest of the resort will still be able to still enjoy peace and tranquility.

All pups are fed the same number of feedings as they would be at home. As dogs are sensitive to dramatic changes in their diet we do ask that you please provide their food from home. We have additional special luxury treats available for purchase, please see our menu for a full list of treats.

Boarding Checklist:
Vaccination Certificates:
Double check that your dog has received the Bordatella vaccine. Not all places will request it and so your veterinarian may not have already administered it. Please note that this vaccine must be administered no later than 10 days prior to your arrival date.

Emergency Contact:
This person is someone we may contact to speak with about your pet or to reach you in the event of an emergency.

What to Pack:

  1. Food or treats: Dogs tend to have sensitive stomachs when it comes to change in their diet. So we ask that you please provide their food from home. Please double check the quantity as well and pack some extra. Some pets will knock over food dishes or make soup out of their food. A little extra does help.
  2. Vitamins, Supplements or Medications: Please note that with any vitamins, supplements or medication, it is better to provide a bit extra - marked extra or just in case. Occasionally pets will spit out their pills into their water dishes or into the gutters. Having a back up pill ensures there are no missed doses!
  3. Blankets and toys: Although we do provide warm blankets and raised beds sometimes pets fancy their own special blankey from home. Maybe they don't have their own blankey, but prefer a sweater with your smell on it to remind them of home, please do not hesitate to bring these items. When packing these items, please ensure that you clearly label them. We will wash these items before your pet goes home so please do not pack items that could be destroyed in the washer.

Remember to notify us if you have special instructions regarding medical health risks or concerns with your pet or should there be any changes to the length of your travel plans. Please note that pick up times are between 8:30 am - 11:00 am. Should you pick up your pet after 11:00 am you will be charged an additional nights stay.