Baxter & Bella Nail Clippers for Cats

Baxter & Bella Nail Clippers for Cats

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Baxter & Bella Nail Clippers for Cats is the perfect accessory for a quick and efficient nail trimming session. Designed with sharp-angled blades crafted from stainless steel to ensure a quick cut of the nail and blades that will not rust over time. The nail clipper is comfortable to hold thanks to its non-slip, ergonomic handle for a fun and pleasant grooming experience. 

Baxter & Bella Nail Clippers is suitable for cats of all sizes.

Directions: Hold your cat's paw firmly in your hand, press and hold their paw tightly to expose the nail. Cut the nail and avoid the nerves and blood vessels. When nails are done being trimmed give your cat huge praise, lots of love and treats. 

If you cut your cat, use a hemostatic product to stop the bleeding.